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We inspire JOYFUL LIVING for women of all ages. We bring art design to clothing classics and lifestyle products. Tasha Rui the label is launching in 2016!

Melbourne Fashion Festival - VAMFF 2019




Melbourne Fashion Festival - VAMFF 2019

Natasha Lewis Honeyman

We loved sharing our Connection to Country - New Zealand - with everyone on runway in March 2019 🌟 Kia ora rawa atu 💕

It was so awesome to celebrate my cultural heritage and honour my own and my grandfather’s connections to land on runway in Melbourne.

The event sponsors were amazing @meccamax @melbourneconventionbureau and so many others. Thank you Global Indigenous Management for organising the entire runway.

Thank you @alicespittle for teaching me traditional raranga with harekeke so that I could promptly deconstruct the techniques to create contemporary interpretations of crowns :)

Thank you @alienweaponry for allowing me to use one of the hottest music tracks available now to give a contemporary take on Indigenous music - I was told that the music choice at a fashion runway was a GAME CHANGER!

Indigenous cultures are living cultures ✌🏻

Thank you to NSW Government through @creatensw for sponsoring me to participate and showcase myself in Melbourne.

Thank you @accorhotelsau for partnering with Virgin Australia's Melbourne Fashion Festival @vamff to offer festival participants friends rates and such great care during my time in Melbourne. (Exceptional service)

Models: Rebekah, Koreen, Ellen, Hine Aio
Photographer: @lucasdawsonphotography