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We inspire JOYFUL LIVING for women of all ages. We bring art design to clothing classics and lifestyle products. Tasha Rui the label is launching in 2016!

Eco & Ethics


We want to provide products that consider people and our planet - that is why we want to change what responsible fashion looks like.

At Tasha Rui we are constantly reviewing new approaches to production and the materials that we source to provide what we call 'eco lux' options for our buyers that considers the makers and wearers of our products.


At Tasha Rui, we are always researching and evolving our products to seek the most environmentally sustainable practices for production and are ethically sourced. We are a slow fashion label and as such produce in smaller quantities and locally to ensure that we are not creating wastage as fashion trends and tastes change and have more awareness of how our garments are being made.

We are aware that traceability and transparency are key to ensuring ethical sourcing. As such, our team members have visited our key garment factory, our printers, and various other makers to see firsthand the conditions and standards are acceptable. Wherever this is not possible (and it is rare) we partner with suppliers and makers who have strong commitments to the same values as we do.


Our design team, based in Sydney, Australia, is always looking for durable fabrics with low environmental impact. Our core fabrics contain natural recycled and sustainable fabric options manufactured using a variety of environmentally responsible processes.

Where possible, we choose natural fibres such as wool, cotton and linen. When using a blended man-made and natural fabric, we try to source textiles that have appropriate certifications or contribute to making our planet a better place.

Our swimwear range features textiles that are more than 80% recycled or regenerated plastics reclaimed from the oceans. It's exactly the same as brand new nylon. Even some of our labels are now made of recycled plastics.

We use ECONYL® in our swimsuits as the main fabric. The Regeneration System starts with rescuing post-consumer waste, including abandoned ‘ghost’ fishing nets collected from the ocean, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic diverted from landfills. This waste is sorted and cleaned to recover the raw material. Through an innovative regeneration and purification process, it is recycled back to its original purity. ECONYL® regenerated nylon performs in the same way as virgin nylon. It also has the potential to be recycled infinitely, without losing quality. The goal is that once all products containing ECONYL® are no longer useful to customers, they can go back into step one of the Regeneration System.

Using regenerated plastics also helps minimise the impact of industry on global warming by reducing green house emissions. To put this into context, with every 10,000 tonnes of ECONYL® raw material used by industry instead of raw nylon, 70,000 barrels of crude oil are not used and 57,000 tonnes of CO2 eq. emissions are avoided.


We are currently using a sublimation printing method that uses water-based inks so there is no washing or pit drains required after printing.

Our printer based in Sydney, Australia, employs highly technical processes and precisely engineered printing methods that ensure maximum efficiency, limiting off-cut waste from our finished fabrics.

Our printer does have practices that are environmentally and ethically friendly; they do not pour discarded inks; they dispose responsibly and correctly; they minimise wastage; they recycle; they partner with suppliers who have similar environmental values.


Tasha Rui collections are designed in Australia and made locally in Sydney, Australia.

Our design process starts with our in-house textile artists in Sydney, who meticulously hand-draw our exclusive seasonal prints. We work with local pattern-makers, production advisors, local artisans and makers who support, guide, design to deliver to you, our customers, the highest quality products.

We aim to ensure that all of our partners, makers and suppliers provide a safe environment for all their employees.


According to the World Shipping Council, air freight releases 47 times more carbon dioxide per tonne of cargo per kilometer than sea freight. As a ‘slow fashion’ producer, we promote a slow fashion approach to design, make and shipping, which can mean that our products may take a little longer to get to you but we believe that it is worth it.

We may use snail mail but we do use registered post as we want to ensure that your goodies arrive safely. If you do require your order to be fast-tracked we recommend contacting us directly and confirming timeframes before placing your order.

At Tasha Rui, we work and produce locally, as much as possible. Some of our fabrics and packaging are produced overseas and imported. We only do this when we are seeking the most technologically advanced and highest quality sustainable products available.


At Tasha Rui, we aim to pay attention to detail and seek our environmental processes wherever possible. As such, we use compostable mailer bags; our garment wrapping tissue paper is made from recycled papers; and our label stickers are made from recycled materials and soya inks. We minimise the use of swing tags and seek other opportunities to minimise packaging to reduce landfill and use recycled materials where possible.