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We inspire JOYFUL LIVING for women of all ages. We bring art design to clothing classics and lifestyle products. Tasha Rui the label is launching in 2016!

Our story


We started Tasha Rui in 2016 as we couldn’t find what we were looking for on the market. We talked to industry, to our friends, and realised that it was not just us that could not find the perfect swimsuit - that is one that was environmentally friendly, original and had a flattering fit.

We grew up on Australia’s beautiful Eastern coastline enjoying endless summers. We know beaches. We know swimsuits. And we are well, women. And we are artists. So we wanted to do something about it. We decided to fill that gap in the market our own locally made swimsuits featuring original art prints, made to flatter the figure and made from sustainable practices.

Tasha Rui’s purpose is to provide women with a swimsuit and accessories that will make them feel amazing and allow them to express their inner beauty and zest for life. You will feel amazing, as you are wearing a garment that fits well, is unique and also helps our oceans.

Our company values place customer satisfaction at the heart of our business. Customer feedback has helped shape what our label is today. So we have you to thank really.


At Tasha Rui, we are inspired by the Australian natural environment and express this beautify through artful prints.

Tasha Rui is a lifestyle label that offers a summer look designed to help women create an artful and eco lifestyle that enables them to connect with and enjoy our beautiful Oceanic environment.


Caring: Care begins with what you give to yourself. Then you share care with others and our planet. We want women to feel that they can have want they want, to give and receive care for themselves, people and our planet.

Expressive: We want our garments to inspire you to play and have fun in our beautifully designed and made garments. We hope that we can bring out your inner creative, surfer, sunseeker or adventurer.

Respectful: We believe in karma and we encourage respect for each other, our makers, our partners and the environment, so that you know that we treat people, culture and the planet well.


We are what is known as a slow fashion label. At Tasha Rui we aim to bring environmentally sustainable practices to our work and the fashion industry to provide buyers with more options. We source and work with suppliers who support our values. Click here to visit our Eco & Ethics page to find out more about how we aim to support environmentally sustainable practices.


The label name ‘Tasha Rui’ pays homage to our founder’s New Zealand Maori and Portuguese heritage. Another of our values is to bring diversity in representation to the Australian and Oceanic fashion industry.


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